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Cueup is the easiest way for you to book a great DJ for your event. Start by telling us about your event, and get prices from the DJs in your area.

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Tell us about your event

Describe how you want your event to take place and your ideal DJ performance.


Choose a DJ

We'll match you with the most qualified DJs. Message them to agree on the details and get a good price.


Enjoy the music

Once you've found your perfect DJ, you can safely pay on Cueup, or use any form of payment you’d like.

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Simplified process

Avoid the usual pains of finding a good DJ

Find your next DJ in a simpler, cheaper, and more secure way. Cueup simplifies every aspect of booking a DJ compared to the traditional booking process.

Traditional Cueup
PricePrice bloated by agencyDJs' own price
PaymentCash or wire transfer onlyCard or any method of your choice
CancelationNo refund policyRefund guarantee
Backup DJNo backupBackup DJs on standby
CommunicationThrough agencyContact directly with DJ
SelectionOne choicePick from many DJs
Preview DJ skillsNo previewListen, watch, and decide
Musical styleTake the music as isChoose your musical style
ReviewsNo reviewsReviews and testimonials


Money back

If you are not satisfied with the performance, we'll refund you. If the DJ cancels on you, we'll refund you - and make an extensive effort to find you a new DJ.

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Secure and easy

You can complete the booking using your preferred payment method, like cash or card, and when we act as the facilitator, you can be sure that your money is safe until the event is finished. Probably the easiest way to book a DJ anywhere.

Music on your terms

Every DJ has been screened by us or even reviewed at previous events. You can also listen to mixes, see photos and videos from their other performances. With Cueup, you will always find a DJ that suits your event.