When you want to celebrate the best day of your life and make everyone have a good time, here are some guides for everything you need to know about the process of booking a wedding DJ.

1. Listen to the music sample

When you found a DJ, you want to listen to some of their mixes. You can ask them to send a link to their SoundCloud or a playlist from previous wedding gigs. By doing this, you’ll know what to expect from them and know if their style fits your wedding. Don’t be scared to do this, you really want to find someone who can bring on the vibe to the crowd.

2. Explain the DJ about your guests

It is pretty important to describe your guest’s criteria. Tell them about the main age and where are mostly guests come from. For example, if you plan your wedding in Bali but most of the guests are from South Africa. This is essential to help the DJ prepare for what kind of music to play, and the DJ is will most likely ask about it if you don’t tell. Other than that you can always tell the DJ what kind of music you rant him to play at your wedding.

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3. Ask them about their set up

You don’t want to realize that you forgot to provide speakers at the time the DJ shows up, so it’s very important to coordinate all technical details when you talk with the DJ. Ask them if you need to provide any equipment or if they can include it in their quotation. Important equipment includes:

  • Sound systems, both at the dancefloor and smaller speakers around the venue.
  • Microphone, for the toastmaster and other speakers.
  • Lights, for dancing or decorative.
  • DJ Decks and mixer, turntables CD players, etc.

Some DJs can provide this and will include the price in their rate. In Cueup, there will be options for you to tell the DJ if they need to bring a sound system or lighting. If they are the one who provides this, ask them to send you the photos of their set up and how big it is, and later you can make space in the venue or show it to your wedding organizer.

4. Ask their rate

You can tell your budget to the DJ or ask their rate. You can also compare it with other DJs. One of the benefits for the organizer to use the Cueup DJ Platform is you can easily compare the DJ rate since you’ll get offers from multiple DJs.

5. “Must play” songs

At a wedding, usually, the bride and groom have a couple of favorite songs that they want to have played. You can write down all you and your lover’s favorite songs. Maybe ask your best friends as well. At last, note if you have specific moments you want a song to be played, and then give the details to the DJ. Afterward, you can also consult with the DJ if they have any additions to the list. Experienced DJs will know specific songs to play right after the bridal waltz to kick off the party and make everyone stay on the dancefloor long into the night.

It’s a really good idea to hand over wishes to the DJ for inspiration, but know that it is the very job of the DJ to select songs that creates the right vibe, and often that requires to be on the spot and feel the mood of the room. Giving the DJ a playlist for the entire event is not a good idea.

6. Location Unknown

When everything is settled, don’t forget to tell the DJ about the wedding venue. Describe how it looks like, and if it’s an indoor or outdoor wedding party. The address or which building and which room it is going to be. If you didn’t get a local DJ, make sure to tell them about the place and wedding date months before. They maybe need to book a flight for your wedding.

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7. When do I need to book a DJ for my wedding?

You can start looking for a DJ within 6–10 months before the wedding and get them booked at least 4 months before. Sometimes it also depends on how far your preparation is, but don’t make a DJ as the last checklist to book. The entertainment plays a huge part in your wedding party, also it will take time to discuss the party, songs, and timing.

8. Should I make a contract?

The answer is YES! You should make a contract for the sake of both parties. You don’t want the DJ somehow can’t make it to your wedding for whatever reason. Cueup makes this process very easy and beneficial for you. In Cueup, we have a payment system with a cancellation policy built-in, allowing you to book a DJ with ease of mind. This means if a DJ cancels to play, you will get all your money back ( yes a 100% ), and we will try to find other DJs immediately. It’s definitely a safer way to book your DJ.

That’s all about the essentials. Any other thoughts? If you have any other tips from your experiences, please share it with us in the comments. And for you that having a wedding soon, I wish you have a wonderful wedding and hope you find a good DJ.