The last two months have been busy. We’ve improved the booking flow for organizers, making it faster and easier to find a DJ and send event details. For DJs, we’ve added hourly rates and Pro DJs now have gig opportunities. Here are the essential changes for DJs.

Gig opportunities

With gig opportunities, Pro DJs can respond to all events in their area. DJs on the free plan can still see the event details but cannot engage — if the gig is attractive, they can choose to upgrade to Pro and get in contact.

Opportunities only show up if the event does not have an assigned DJ yet.

Search DJs

We now have a page for searching DJs on Cueup. Only DJs that have completed the application process and was approved show up in search.

Try if you can find yourself:

With every search engine comes a choice of how to rank the results. For example, on Cueup, we do this by looking at your profile’s quality and how fast you respond to gigs. Learn how to improve your rank.

Cueup DJ search results
Find a DJ

Your hourly rate

For a long time, organizers have asked to see pricing upfront, and we get it — it’s nice to know if the DJ you are looking at is within your budget or if they’re wasting time. So, now you can set your hourly rate in the Gigs App.

Organizers prefer to engage with DJs that show an hourly rate, so we highly recommend setting an hourly rate in the settings.

You’ll also see an option to enable Instant Offer. With instant offer turned on, we’ll automatically send an offer based on your hourly rate and the event’s duration. Say your hourly rate is 100$ and the organizer asks for 5 hours of music, we’ll send an offer of 500$. This means you can get booked without moving a finger!

We know that every event is different, and it can be hard to set a one price fits all. That’s why you can keep updating the offer until the organizer has confirmed the booking.

Additional details on gigs

The organizers can now choose to include additional details like budget and event types. So now you’ll know right away if the gig is a wedding, birthday, virtual event, or something else. In some cases, you can also see the budget upfront. It’s always nice to know if the organizer is on a budget or plans to spend some $$$.

COVID and a sneak peek of what’s coming…

Many countries are still in lockdown, and we can see it in our data; some countries simply don’t have any events. For the countries that have events, we continue to do our best to bring gigs. For the rest, we’ll have a slightly different strategy…

Music is at the center of what we do as DJs and why Cueup exists. We’d like to maintain this focus, and even though we can’t be out playing in public, most of us keep busy on the decks at home. You are working hard on mixes and productions while being in quarantine, and going forward, we’ll start a biweekly digest of the best DJ mixes on Cueup. Tag your uploads on Cueup, Soundcloud, and MixCloud with #cueup to make sure that we listen to your set.

Thanks for reading through the update. Stay safe.
Founder — Cueup