Following the great feedback you’ve sent us, we’re excited today to tell you: we’ve launched a brand new subscription plan. More straightforward and better value, Cueup Pro, will make it even easier for you to get gigs and grow your DJ career.

Cueup Pro is not a replacement for the free membership, but rather an upgrade that helps you close the deals on more gigs.

That being said, you don’t really have anything to lose by becoming Pro as we offer a money-back guarantee. We automatically refund you every month if you don’t get any inquiries. Read more below.

We really appreciate all of you who’ve already been using Cueup Pro and provided feedback to improve the membership. If you’re still on the free membership, you can now upgrade your account to Pro in your settings in the app or on the website.

Direct contact with organizers

Being Pro allows you to call or email organizers directly before a booking has been confirmed. You can always see the organizers’ phone number and email if they’ve allowed it. That way, you can easily follow up on an offer or send an email with a quotation.

You’ll also be able to publicly display your phone number and email on your profile page.

No service fee

We usually charge a commission on each booking as a way to run the platform. By becoming a Pro member, you support Cueup directly, and we don’t charge any commission. This can quickly become cheaper than paying the commission. In most cases, it makes sense to become a Pro instead of paying the commission.

Play gigs around the world

Have you ever dreamed of playing gigs in another country? Cueup now makes that a lot easier to do.

With the new locations editor, you can add as many playing locations as you want as a pro.

As a free member, you can also change your location manually. Still, the problem is that you’ll lose out on gigs in other areas. As a Pro member, you can specify what dates you are traveling to a country and be notified about events ahead of time. Meanwhile, you stay available for gigs in your home country. Ultimately this gets you more gigs.

Here are some of our favorite use cases for this new feature:

  • Add a location for somewhere you always wanted to play. When getting a gig, you can use that to pay for the travel.
  • Living in between 2 countries or cities? Add both those places to make sure you don’t miss a gig.
  • Going on vacation? Add the destination and the dates you arrive and leave to get gigs that happen during that time.

DISCLAIMER: We don’t encourage traveling during the pandemic. But, we do see events that are +1 years in the future that can be planned for at this time. You should always make sure to have the permission and correct visa to do work in another country.

Cueup locations editor
Cueup Locations Editor on Web

Priority in search results

Pro members get prioritized in search results and will get more gigs as a result. The DJ, with a better matching musical profile, will always be prioritized. Still, between two DJs with the same musical characterization, a Pro member is always prioritized over a free member.

Pro members are also displayed with a badge next to their name, making them stand out among other DJs in the search results.

You can always recognize a PRO DJ by the badge next to their name.

Better profile page

Many DJs would like to display a link to your website, phone number, or email directly on their profile. Now, as a Pro member, you can do that.

You will also get unlimited uploading minutes for mixtapes and songs in premium quality. Read more about uploading mixtapes here.

Altogether, your Cueup profile is the perfect place for people to experience your skills and book you for their event.

Cueup DJ Profile

Automatic money-back guarantee

We’re so confident that we can bring you gigs that we currently offer a refund if we don’t. Here’s how it works:

One month after your last payment, we check if you have received any gigs. If you haven’t had any inquiries, we refund the full amount of the last payment. Keep in mind that obtaining a gig request is not the same as actually getting booked.

Thanks for the support! More is coming…

Supporting Cueup by becoming a Pro member means a lot to us. It helps us run the platform and allows us to make it better every day. Become Pro to help us, help you, get more gigs.