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  1. My name is Majo Alarcon I am 22 years old, I am Uruguayan and at this moment I am living in Tulum. I have been a DJ for 4 years, I started when I was 18 and it was something that I fell in love with, I always liked music, I play bass. I understand myself and I really like Tech house and house. I have played in various parties in my country, clubs and events for brands. I am very versatile and I like to change and reinvent myself, the only thing that does not change is my love for music.


  2. Gradated from Scratch DJ Academy Miami. DJing private events since 2012 but have also performed at local festivals. Performing in the Philadelphia area.

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  3. Lenny MvdHitz (pronounced Lenny Mad-Hits) is a versatile DJ with sounds to bring a room of individuals together with entirely different backgrounds as his ability to read the crowd and take them to that next level of excitement is unparalleled! A must have for any event as this energetic crowd favorite is guaranteed to rock out any venue in front of him! Listen to some mixes below at

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  1. First wedding dance with glitter
  2. First wedding dance with glitter
  3. First wedding dance with glitter

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