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Find de bedste DJs i Munich på Cueup, den største DJ booking side brugt af tusindvis af eventarrangører. Bare søg for at komme i gang.

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Bedst vurderede DJs i Munich

Find og book de bedste DJs i Munich

  1. Robin Grassner is a DJ & Producer, Photographer and Designer. He lives in Switzerland and expresses his art in the form of images and electronic music. Inspired by the wonders of nature and the technological advances of the time. Mail: Phone: +41774169297 Instagram: cowergy007

    Book Cowergy007

  2. R1PE is a Hard Techno / Hypnotic Groovy DJ based in Münich. My music is basically an even mix between hypnotic rhythms and some hard groove vibes. This amazing duo will create something that i called "Hypnotic Groove" which is the new thing that i am working on right now and i am trying my best to discover as much as possible and of course see other's experience in this field in order to create something new and interesting. Please make sure to message me on Instagram before any booking to discuss everything concerning the event (including the playlist, time and pricing)

    Book R1PE

  3. REYNZ ist ein professioneller DJ aus Lettland. Lebt in München. Ich spiele gerne 80er, 90er, 00er, R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Disco, Rock, House, Lounge, Top 40, Remixe und buchbar ab 150,00 €... Ich bin ein DJ aus Lettland. Ich lebe in München, ich lerne Deutsch, hoffentlich lerne ich es bald. Ich respektiere die lokale Kultur. Mein Sohn ist in München geboren und deshalb habe ich auch hier adoptiert und möchte meine Artava in die Musik einbringen, ich mag es, wenn sich Menschen wohlfühlen und zu rhythmischen Stücken tanzen. Ich bin ein ansässiger DJ in der Kinostadt Cinevilla, wo ich auf privaten Partys, Sportspielen, Geburtstagen, Gemeinschaftsveranstaltungen auflege, der größten Kinostadt Lettlands (wie Hollywood in Kalifornien), wo verschiedene Fernsehserien und internationale Filme gedreht werden . Manchmal engagiere ich mich auch beim Filmen als Schauspieler in Filmen, Serien, Werbespots. Ich bin aufgeschlossen und kann mich jedem Musikstil anpassen. Wenn es Internet gibt, dann gibt es alles. REYNZ is a professional DJ from Latvia. Lives in Munich. I like to play 80's, 90's, 00's, r&b, hip hop, reggae, disco, rock, house, lounge, top 40, remixes, and can be booked starting from €150.00... I am a DJ from Latvia. I live in Munich, I am learning German, hopefully I will learn it soon. I respect the local culture. My son was born in Munich and therefore I adopted here as well and I want to add my artava in music, I like when people feel good and dance to rhythmic pieces. I am a resident DJ in the cinema town Cinevilla, where I play at private parties, sports games, birthdays, cooperative events, which is the biggest cinema town in Latvia (like Hollywood in California), where various TV series and international films are filmed. Sometimes I also get involved in filming as an actor in movies, series, commercials. I am open-minded and can adapt to any style of music. If there is internet, then there is everything.

    Book REYNZ

DJs til enhver lejlighed

Få en DJ, der ved, hvad du har brug for

  1. Første bryllupsdans med glitter


    Bryllups-DJs, der ved, hvordan man skaber en magisk aften.

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Andre gode DJs i Munich

  1. I'm a expert DJ from Munich. They like to play 80's, 90's, 00's, reggae, hip hop, r&b, disco, rock, top 40, lounge, house, remixes, and can be booked starting from €70.00... "Chris Bernard" a Munich DJ - has for many years internationally in many popular clubs and at major events on the go and is often booked straight in or near Munich as a DJ for the party at the company party, the birthday party, the Club event and especially for the wedding reception. Decide here for the high end DeeJay service for your event. Only a deejay with the feeling for the right music in the decisive moments can leave a lasting impression on all those involved, so that the reason for all still remains highly memorable.

    Book DJ Chris Bernard

  2. Oisin is an Irish DJ and producer who began his love affair with electronic music whilst performing at the age of sixteen. After developing the skills to move a dance floor, Oisin moved to Amsterdam, opening the doors to the world of techno, encouraging him to begin making his own productions. After Amsterdam, a move to Munich inspired Oisin to create a creative collective, focussed on connecting artists across Europe and eventually the globe. Oisin is now the proud owner of ZM Collective with numerous creative projects under his belt. From the ZM in the Kitchen series to ZM records and now a line of clothing, the collective continues to go from strength to strength and so does Oisin. With a number of releases on ZM Records as well as on multiple international labels such as Reload Records, Silent Storm Recordings and Black Snake, the future looks bright for this driven artist.

    Book Oisin

  3. Damian Wilde is a rising EDM/Trap DJ from Cape Town, South Africa. He is currently based in Graz, Austria. He specializes in blending dark urban genres like EDM-Trap, Hip Hop, Future Bass and Dubstep, and can be booked starting from €250.00...

    Book Damian Wilde

  4. For Sam Collé DJing is a life habbit, running through the world with open eyes and ears and perceive, what everybody could. As a result he mixes up rhythms, melodys, languages in surprising combinations to sound familiar but refreshingly new.

    Book Sam Collé

  5. DJ Cruse is an German DJ He started his Career on 1998 and Plays in over 150 Clubs in Germany and Switzerland. He Have Bookings in Top Clubs and Festivals Like Streetparade Zürich and Holi Festival.And DJ Cruse works for 3 Labels in Germany Spain and South America.

    Book DJ Cruse

  6. Toprak Ertzan is a professional DJ from Zurich. They like to play 90's, 00's, r&b, hip hop, disco, reggae, house, top 40, remixes, lounge, and can be booked starting from €300.00...

    Book Toprak Ertzan

  7. I'm a semiprofessional DJ from Vilsbiburg. They like to play techno, and can be booked starting from for free...

    Book David

  8. Bfromtheblock is a DJ from München. She likes groovy techno, influenced by hardtrance and oldschool 90‘s. She can be booked for free, since she wants to gain experience for now

    Book Bfromtheblock

Alt om at booke en DJ i Munich

Hvad er den gennemsnitlige pris for en DJ i Munich?

Når du booker en DJ i Munich, er det vigtigt at være opmærksom på, hvad der er inkluderet i prisen. Generelt inkluderer prisen udlejning af udstyr, opsætning og nedrivning, og DJ's tid. Andre tjenester såsom belysning eller lydforstærkning kan dog være en ekstra omkostning. Den gennemsnitlige pris for en DJ i Munich er omkring 85 € per time.

Hvordan booker jeg en DJ i Munich?

Det er nemt at booke en DJ i Munich med Cueup. Bare søg efter DJ'er i dit område, og send dem en besked for at komme i gang. De fleste DJs viser priser på forhånd, og du kan booke og betale dem direkte fra Cueup. Hvis du ikke ser en DJ, der passer til dine behov, kan du altid sende din begivenhed, og vi hjælper dig med at finde en DJ i Munich, der matcher dine behov.

Hvad er Cueups pengene-tilbage-garanti, når du booker en DJ?

Cueup tilbyder en pengene-tilbage-garanti på alle bookinger, der foretages via platformen. Hvis du er utilfreds med din DJ af en eller anden grund, vil vi arbejde med dig for at finde en erstatning DJ eller refundere dine penge.

Lej din DJ i Munich

Der er en DJ for enhver smag og budget, find den perfekte DJ til dit arrangement nu.

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