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  1. I am a Trini-American Dj that is full of vibe and energy. I am versatile in mixing different genres of music. I specialize in Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, and AfroBeats. I speak English so feel free to communicate with me in that way and make your next event one to remember.

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  2. For 2 years I've been to the best clubs and festivals in Germany and Europe. With a total of over 80 gigs, I have now expanded and, together with Felix Winston, have my own technical equipment and a team to make your party legendary! With the right connections, we can make almost any wish come true. In addition, we produce our own music, which has now been listened to half a million times.

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  3. I am based in Luxembourg; for all gigs over 100 km, I send you a reasonable, personalized offer. I do not own a sound and light system as this might be specific for each venue. However, I can help to arrange the best setup. My basic equipment is a DJ controller, two wireless and two wired microphones (though I never talk, they are for you), an audio mixer, DJ sound monitors and my Macbook pro. If it's about a company party or a wedding, during the second half of the gig I am flexible with the musical style based on the audience's preference and desire. Additional hours are possible and I am happily adapting to any of your special requests including dress code, etc. About me: From the age of 14, I worked as a radio presenter at a station that played house and dance music of the 90s and 00s giving me inspiration and influence in my musical genre. I play mashups, rare remixes, EDM, house, pop with some r&b and hip-hop. Mostly upbeat, happy moods, some hits, and few forgotten one-hit wonders. When mixing, I am more into minimal house and tech-house.

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