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Top-rated DJs in Haya

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  1. was born and raised in Cairo, Kuwait and living in jeddah recently, A talented DJ/producer who has made a big impact on the music scene in the Middle East. He never feared to go too deep with his passionate musical selections that became his own therapy. to music and ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influence. That inspired him to play his style of Trible/Afro House /Deep Melodic house /Progressive house under major labels which are «Future Groove Records» «76 Recordings». "Groovimania Records" (Mexico) From there he went on to produce more than 22 tracks that are listed on Beatport, Traxsource and iTunes. S-Donz has performed alongside many renowned DJs that include the likes of Tall Paul, David Vendetta, DJ Rae (DEFECTED), Scarlett Etienne, Yves Larock, Anthony Papa, Ministry of sound London,Howsexy,Hed Kandi, Vika Kova, Joy Marquez, Richard Murray. Performing in cities such as Budapest, Marmaris, Dubai, Cairo, Kuwait, London, Beirut, Saudi arabia,Moscow and Turkey.

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  2. Dj tota is a semiprofessional DJ from Jeddah. They like to play hip hop, techno, house, and can be booked starting from $27.00. Is very chill and can help find you lights and speakers to rent out as well. He is very social and likes To make new friends to party with.

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  3. Dj RiRi is a semi-professional DJ from Jeddah. She's a regular at Ladies-Only parties mixing different genres of Arabic, EDM, House, Commercial Hits and more.. She's committed to be the life of the party with her mixing and her smile ! She can be engaged for your ladies-only OR mixed gender parties starting from $300.00 per hour in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Limited content of her work (due to restrictions of filiming at ladies only parties) is available on her social media - Youtube / SnapChat / Instagram @ djRiRi.Official

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Other great DJs in Haya

  1. Samir Abdulla El-Nile also known as DJ NileBoi (inspired from “Wad Al Nile”), has established himself as a popular DJ, known for his unique mixing techniques that keep people on the dance floor, moving to the rhythmic beats of his signature Hip Hop, RnB, Dancehall, Afrobeats and Funky House remixes. He channels his energy into creating funky mixes which he debuted when he first started DJ’ing in 2010 using only his laptop. The launch of his musical career led him to develop solid relations with clubs and organize musical events throughout the Middle East. Climbing the stairs to DJ stardom, DJ NileBoi bought a full DJ set & gave DJ’ing more time. He maintains true Nilotic charm, a cool professional demeanor and is known as the “Smooth Transition” DJ in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Perhaps, it’s his innate ability to recognize the needs of any diverse audience or maybe his secret lies in his massive musical collection, but something tells us it’s above all his passion for music that sets him apart.

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  2. I start doing gigs parties 8 years ago as a hobby then i decide it to took it as full time job and put more efforts and service that costumers are request I do special VIPs parties , private resorts , public events , Big local concerts , lounges , honor company events , etc

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  3. Raw is a professional DJ from Jeddah. She likes to play music, and can be booked starting from $ 300...

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  4. Dj Sam9 is a professional DJ from Jeddah. They like to play hip hop, techno, house, remixes, and can be booked starting from for free...

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  5. I'm a expert DJ from Jeddah. They like to play hip hop, reggae, r&b, techno, house, rock, local, remixes, and can be booked starting from $1,000.00...

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  6. WHY B! is a expert DJ from Jeddah. They like to play 00's, r&b, hip hop, disco, techno, tech house, house, vinyl, lounge, top 40, and can be booked starting from $300...

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  7. DJ Asbin Sha is a semiprofessional DJ from Jeddah. I like to play techno, remixes, top 40, and can be booked starting From 450SAR per hour.

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  8. Tryouts is a beginner DJ from Jeddah. They like to play future bass, electronic, hip hop, remixes, and can be booked starting from $40.00...

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All about booking a DJ in Haya

What's the average price of a DJ in Haya?

When booking a DJ in Haya, it is important to be aware of what is included in the price. Generally, the price includes equipment rental, setup and teardown, and the DJ's time. However, other services such as lighting or sound reinforcement may be an additional cost. The average price for a DJ in Haya is around $300 per hour.

How do i book a DJ in Haya?

It's easy to book a DJ in Haya with Cueup. Just search for DJs in your area, and send them a message to get started. Most DJs show prices up front and you can book and pay them directly from Cueup. If you don't see a DJ that suits your needs, you can always post your event and we'll help you find a DJ in Haya that matches your needs.

What is Cueup's money-back guarantee when booking a DJ?

Cueup offers a money-back guarantee on all bookings made through the platform. If you are unhappy with your DJ for any reason, we will work with you to find a replacement DJ or refund your money.

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