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Top-rated DJs in Joliet, IL

Find and hire the best DJs in Joliet, IL.

  1. Fratty is a semiprofessional DJ from Crystal Lake. They like to play techno, tech house, house, remixes, top 40, hip hop, and can be booked starting from $75. I am open to travel to play. You can here some of my mixes and songs on SoundCloud

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  2. Sock and Buskin is a professional DJ duo from Chicago. We play in clubs and bars throughout River North, Lakeview and Wrigleyville. Please note the masks are enterely optional, we typically only use those for large stage performances. We have opened in clubs for large artists like Cheat Codes in the past. We became a duo in Champaign at UIUC several years ago while playing at Kams and Red Lion near University of Illinois. During the pandemic, we started a walking DJ setup until getting back into bars the past year. Our bread and butter is top 40s mixed with dance/house music, often times using remixes of pop and rap songs with Tech House and House music.

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  3. Kelsie is a professional DJ from Chicago. She loves to play music and set the vibes, and can be booked starting from $85...

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Popular requests for Joliet, IL DJs

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Other great DJs in Joliet, IL

  1. DJ Utopes is a beginner DJ from Chicago. They like to play Latin, reggaeton, techno, house, remixes, and can be booked starting from $70.00

    Book DJ Utopes

  2. Love to play music also love to see people happy on the dance floor

    Book Dj jay starmdt

  3. Hi there! I'm Thomas and I go by the name of "DJ Deezy". I'm 22 and have been DJing since I was 17. I play a variety of music; hip hop, r&b, house, remixes, 00's, I have a lot of experience in playing at parties and events. I would love to give your guests a great time! My hourly rate is $50 per hour.

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  4. I'm a professional DJ from Chicago. 23 years experience. My base rate is $450 for 4 hours. Anything over that we can discuss hourly or just a flat fee extra. I love Dj’ing. It’s my voice (born without a jaw). from my heart.

    Book Dj Slam

  5. raffic Willis is a Chicago-bred Producer who started making noise in 2015 when he released his first mix, “First Name Dubs Last Name Finesse.” Just before starting his senior year in high school, he performed for a sold out Chicago crowd at The Subterranean in Wicker Park, where he grew up adjacent to. Since then, Traffic has embarked on tours across the country, shutting down shows for up to 2000 people in cities like Boulder, St. Louis, and New York City. With the release of eclectic singles, like “Rooftop Love” he kicked off the streaming debut. Taking inspiration from a comprehensive range of producers–from Flume and RL Grime to Kanye West and Hudson Mohawke. As he grew, Traffic’s signature future bass and trap dance music would cross-pollinate with Hip-Hop & RnB, transforming his mode of sound. Willis describes his music as “a visceral fusion designed to immerse the crowd in an addictive, outside the box rhythm”

    Book Traffic Willis

  6. Dj CKane is a beginner DJ from West Allis. I like to play hip hop, r&b, remixes, house, reggae, disco, 00's, 90's, 80's, rock, techno, lounge, top 40, local, vinyl, and can be booked starting from $100.00...

    Book Dj CKane

  7. DJ Soopaman is a expert DJ from Chicago with over 15 years of club, wedding and private event DJ experience. I like to play 80's, 90's, r&b, 00's, hip hop, house, top 40, and can be booked starting from $100.00...

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  8. Da Generatorz Entertainment is a expert DJ from Chicago. Our business is consistent, dependable, authentic and fun. My DJs have worked with 92.3 and 107.5 WGCI, they have did appearances at local high schools events as well as reunions for schools, they are known for their talent and spin on dj creation they bring to every event. We ensure all customers have a great time and enjoy music of all Genres. We have a high rate of satisfied customers. We work with your budget just let us know what is your budget…

    Book Da Generatorz Entertainment

All about booking a DJ in Joliet, IL

What's the average price of a DJ in Joliet, IL?

When booking a DJ in Joliet, IL, it is important to be aware of what is included in the price. Generally, the price includes equipment rental, setup and teardown, and the DJ's time. However, other services such as lighting or sound reinforcement may be an additional cost. The average price for a DJ in Joliet, IL is around $100 per hour.

How do i book a DJ in Joliet, IL?

It's easy to book a DJ in Joliet, IL with Cueup. Just search for DJs in your area, and send them a message to get started. Most DJs show prices up front and you can book and pay them directly from Cueup. If you don't see a DJ that suits your needs, you can always post your event and we'll help you find a DJ in Joliet, IL that matches your needs.

What is Cueup's money-back guarantee when booking a DJ?

Cueup offers a money-back guarantee on all bookings made through the platform. If you are unhappy with your DJ for any reason, we will work with you to find a replacement DJ or refund your money.

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