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  1. Tiëfer is a groundbreaking DJ straight out of Karachi. With an ear for what sounds good, Tiëfer takes inspiration from a wide variety of musical genres, sampling everything from techno and jazz to hip hop and house. His one-of-a-kind performances and Mixing Skills absorbs listeners with an unmatched emotional intensity

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  2. Hola ! Myself Saad Arshad Chohan , Born in Karachi the city of lights. I have been Djing since 2017 , started playing in events in February 2020 and have played in 9 different events and tbh looking for more xD. I like to play melodic techno , melodic house , progressive house , rock house , tech house , nu-indie. Looking forward to get some gigs and spread good vibes .

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  3. Call Me and ill let you know you about me

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  1. First wedding dance with glitter
  2. First wedding dance with glitter
  3. First wedding dance with glitter

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