You can now go and enable your own custom Biolink!

But what is Biolink???

Have you ever seen those fancy links in the bio of your favourite Instagram models? When you open it you see links like: "My Onlyfans", "My TikTok", "My dog's Onlyfans" and so forth.

Well, Biolink is like that, but made for DJs and with fewer Onlyfans links.

It's a great way for you to make it easier for people to find all your content and book you in a second.

The first section contains your profile picture, a custom bio, and a link to book you on Cueup. It makes it super easy for people to book you.

A short summary of you and a booking button.

What makes Biolink especially great for DJs is that you can show your latest mix, and let people listen to it right there. That's what the next section is:

Preview your latest mix

Next up are all your custom links. Here you can add buttons to any website, for example, if you have a website showing of your portfolio, a merchandise shop, a link to your press kit, or anything you can imagine.

Custom links section on your Biolink

The last section contains dedicated links to your other Social media accounts, places where you share your music, and contact buttons for Telegram, email, phone number, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

Dedicated links on your Biolink

Biolink is like a mini-website for you that you can easily share on your Instagram, SoundCloud, Facebook, or wherever you are! The link is short and easy to remember, and you can even customize the link to look how you like, or you can even make a QR code and put it on your business card.

It looks really good and comes in dark mode and light mode - your choice.

Try it out and enable your BioLink here:

If you have any questions or problems setting up your link, just reach out to or submit your issue here.