Recently we’ve introduced an approval process for DJs on Cueup to make sure that we keep a consistent level of quality. As a DJ you might be wondering what it takes to get approved as a DJ and start getting gigs.

The primary goal of the approval process is to make sure that event organizers see profiles that are comprehensive and look ready to be booked, but also that you get a better chance of getting booked. This means including meaningful information on the profile and to make sure to present yourself in the best possible way.

For guidance, here is are some things to increase your chance of getting approved in the first try:

  • Your profile picture is of high quality.
  • Your profile picture includes your face.
  • Your bio is explaining good and well what kind of DJ you are, and possible earlier experience.
  • Your profile bio does not contain any personal information such as emails, phone numbers or references to other websites.
  • Make sure that the entered name is your real name.
  • Showcase yourself by uploading content, or by connecting your SoundCloud and Instagram.
  • Verify your identity in the settings.

Read more about getting a profile on Cueup here: