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Bedst vurderede DJs i Tan-Tan

Find og book de bedste DJs i Tan-Tan

  1. DJ Ava Adora is a techno music enthusiast and raver from Montenegro. She is best known for her splendid performances of hard techno, progressive techno, melodic techno and tech-house music, as well as her ability to connect with the audience and spread good vibes and positive energy. Music has always been an omnipresent driving force and main source of inspiration in her life. She adores techno music, which she finds to be very dynamic and full of energy. The idea of mastering music, of not being a passive listener, but of controlling it and directing it in the ways she wants, as well as expressing and communicating through music, motivated her to enter the world of DJing. She is naturally introverted, especially when it comes to verbal communication, so music serves as her ideal channel of communication and window to the outside world. She began her journey as a DJ a decade ago as a hobby in popular European summer destinations such as Ibiza, Mykonos, Žrće, Magaluf. She performed at LGBTQ clubs, fetish and other underground events, after-parties, and private parties. Once she discovered the alluring energy of techno music, she found it to be inexhaustible and captivating, drawing both herself and her audience to move faster, stronger and harder. She is eager to channel and direct that energy towards creating an ecstasy for her audience through her music selection and stage performance in nonverbal communication through rhythm. Ava Adora finds music to be ennobling for the human spirit and capable of awakening a sense of harmony and beauty. She has always been fascinated by its influence on our mood, psyche in general, and its power to force the body to move to its rhythm. In 2021, she transitioned to a professional DJ career and established Ava Adora LLC. The company offers DJ services and organization of events. Ava Adora is an excellent choice for night clubs, festivals, carnivals, parades, weddings, birthdays, events of the LGBTQ and fetish communities, as well as underground and private events. With a deep understanding of music and an ability to connect deeply with the audience, she delivers outstanding performances tailored to the unique atmosphere and energy of each event. She is a reliable and professional DJ who will bring a unique and unforgettable experience to your event. She can be booked starting from €100 per hour (+ travel and accommodation costs if applicable). More info at Phone: +34 658 25 66 46 Current location: Gran Canaria, Spain

    Book DJ Ava Adora

  2. DJ H-MAN PRO is a professional DJ from Tassoultante. They like to play 80's, 90's, disco, r&b, hip hop, 00's, house, tech house, lounge, remixes, latin, local, reggae, rock, techno, vinyl, and can be booked starting from $145...

    Book DJ H-MAN PRO

  3. Dj li meuri is a professional DJ from Marrakesh. I like to play 80's, 90's, r&b, hip hop, reggae, rock, disco, Nn disco. Afro house house, top 40, lounge, remixes, and can be booked starting from $20.00...

    Book Dj li meuri

DJs til enhver lejlighed

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  1. Første bryllupsdans med glitter


    Bryllups-DJs, der ved, hvordan man skaber en magisk aften.

  2. Folk drikker champagne til festen

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    DJs, der ved præcis, hvordan et virksomhedsevent skal afvikles.

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    DJs til Fødselsdagsfest

    DJs til fødselsdage, jubilæer og andre private begivenheder.

Populært for DJs i Tan-Tan

  1. Top 40

    Top 40

  2. Hip Hop

    Hip Hop

  3. Vinyls


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    Sound system

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    Party lights

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Andre gode DJs i Tan-Tan

  1. 𝑫𝑱 | 𝑷𝑹𝑶𝑫𝑼𝑪𝑬𝑹 𝑫𝑱 𝑨𝑩 𝙈𝘼𝘿𝙀 𝙄𝙉 𝙈𝙊𝙍𝙊𝘾𝘾𝙊 - 𝘼𝙂𝘼𝘿𝙄𝙍 🇲🇦 𝑫𝑱 & 𝑫𝑰𝑹𝑬𝑻𝑶𝑹 @blacklistagadir 🍾 𝘽𝙊𝙊𝙆𝙄𝙉𝙂 & 𝙈𝘼𝙉𝘼𝙂𝙀𝙍 : 0624683377 / 0661648600 DJ AB is a expert DJ from Agadir. I like to play hip hop, reggae, techno, house, lounge, remixes, r&b, 00's, 90's, and can be booked starting from €500.00... INSTA : AYOUB_BOUKHALEF_OFFICIEL

    Book DJ AB

  2. Artist - DJ - Sound designer. Based in Marrakesh, MAR. Purvoyer of deep infectious dance grooves and a feel-good atmosphere.

    Book DJ DEX

  3. DJ Petruz is a DJ and Music Producer from Milan. He began his career in 2012 as a producer, then in 2014 he began playing in various clubs in Milan. He has worked for Clubs, Private Parties, Weddings and has been Resident DJ for many Clubs, sharing the stage with well-known Italian DJs. In 2016 his bootleg "L'amour Faded Toujours" reached millions of views, and subsequently plays in different parts of the world, such as France, London, Dominican Republic, Greece and Cuba.

    Book DJ Petruz

  4. Dj YASSE-D is a professional DJ from Marrakesh. They like to play lounge, house, techno, disco, rock, hip hop, r&b, 00's, 90's, 80's, reggae,

    Book Dj YASSE-D

  5. Dj Savano is a professional D'J from London living actually in Marrakech. Lounge, house, hip hop, r&b, disco/funk, latin house, local and can be booked starting from €50 per hour

    Book Dj Savano

  6. Abdelaali Sellami known as Ali S, or Ali S Music, born September 9/1988 in Marrakech, is a Moroccan DJ, composer and music producer. Ali S began his DJ career at the age of 22 by hosting private parties. In 2012, he succeeded in imposing his name and began his professional career in the big nightclubs in Marrakech. During the pandemic and the complete shut down of all events Ali S decided to share his work on the internet through remixes containing his extraordinary touch that mixes north African and Arabic musical types; Rai, Chaabi and Rap. In a short time, Ali S was able to collect a lot of views on YouTube, he released several remixes like "SBABI HKAYAi with Cheb Khaled and Snor" and "KIFKIF with Cheb Bilal, Profit Za3im and Moro" The latter was able to reach the 49th world ranking songs on the YouTube platform.

    Book Ali S Music

  7. hey! i am DJ Chag, professionnel DJ and music producer . I like to play reggae, hip hop, techno, local, lounge, house, and can be booked anywhere in morocco. INSTAGRAM: @amine_chag CONTACT ME !: +212675435962

    Book Dj Chag

  8. MUNEER is a expert DJ from Marrakech. They like to play music, and can be booked starting from €100...

    Book MUNEER

Alt om at booke en DJ i Tan-Tan

Hvad er den gennemsnitlige pris for en DJ i Tan-Tan?

Når du booker en DJ i Tan-Tan, er det vigtigt at være opmærksom på, hvad der er inkluderet i prisen. Generelt inkluderer prisen udlejning af udstyr, opsætning og nedrivning, og DJ's tid. Andre tjenester såsom belysning eller lydforstærkning kan dog være en ekstra omkostning. Den gennemsnitlige pris for en DJ i Tan-Tan er omkring 160 US$ per time.

Hvordan booker jeg en DJ i Tan-Tan?

Det er nemt at booke en DJ i Tan-Tan med Cueup. Bare søg efter DJ'er i dit område, og send dem en besked for at komme i gang. De fleste DJs viser priser på forhånd, og du kan booke og betale dem direkte fra Cueup. Hvis du ikke ser en DJ, der passer til dine behov, kan du altid sende din begivenhed, og vi hjælper dig med at finde en DJ i Tan-Tan, der matcher dine behov.

Hvad er Cueups pengene-tilbage-garanti, når du booker en DJ?

Cueup tilbyder en pengene-tilbage-garanti på alle bookinger, der foretages via platformen. Hvis du er utilfreds med din DJ af en eller anden grund, vil vi arbejde med dig for at finde en erstatning DJ eller refundere dine penge.

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