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  1. My way of playing is unique in terms of the musical journey the crowd will be on. The songs I choose to play is 100% about the vibe, groove and atmosphere that will make people to dance.

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  2. Fucked Up! has played on friday night's in Bergamo, Italy and a few other events and wants now to establish himself as a Trance DJ in Berlin, Germany. He mixes every week music at home and publishes on Instagram the mixes.

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  3. Hi, glad to meet you! I'm a 21 year old danish DJ. I live in Copenhagen and I study photography. I spend a whole bunch of my spare time DJ'ing and making music. I've played music for over 10 yearsby now, so I'd say im fairly experienced. I usually get gigs at high schools and universities, but I also play smaller parties now and then.

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  1. First wedding dance with glitter
  2. First wedding dance with glitter
  3. First wedding dance with glitter

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