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  1. I'm a semiprofessional DJ from Tanzania They like to play disco, lounge, and can be booked starting from USD20.00...

    Book Omisa

  2. Dj cruzy is a semiprofessional DJ from Dar es Salaam. They like to play disco, and can be booked starting from 0 USD...

    Book Dj cruzy

  3. Am 19 and really I want 2 become the dj which everyone in the world will know my name I live in Tanzania and I am a dancer 2 and dj

    Book Skillrex

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  1. First wedding dance with glitter

    Wedding DJs

    Wedding DJs that knows how to create a magical night.

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    Corporate event DJs

    DJs that knows exactly how a corporate event should be pulled off.

  3. Happy woman with cake at birthday party

    Birthday party DJs

    DJs for birthdays, anniversaries, and other private events.

Popular requests for Manyoni DJs

  1. Top 40

    Top 40

  2. Hip Hop

    Hip Hop

  3. Vinyls


  4. Sound system

    Sound system

  5. Party lights

    Party lights

  6. Smoke machine

    Smoke machine

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