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Top-rated DJs in Trat

Find and hire the best DJs in Trat.

  1. DJ SD is a professional DJ from Phnom Penh. I like to play hip hop, reggae, disco, techno, house, lounge, remixes, local, r&b, and can be booked starting from $50.00...

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  2. Dj and electronic music producer for 20 years. Dubstep, Electrohouse, Drum & Bass, Future House, Trap.


  3. Pascal B. is a Montreal Canadian DJ. He ’s was a Dj Resident of Stereo Montreal. It’s one of the best night club and After hours in Canada. His music is Melodic, Sexiest, and Groovy. known as one of the best unique styles with more than 20 years of experience in North America And Worldwide, He’s style that combines the hypnotic deepest and sexiest progressive house and techno beats with stirring melodies, Organic House, Downtempo , Deep house, Progressive House, Techno ,Tech House and all of them are underground music Often people heard Pascal B. say, “ I especially love it when it’ melodious! ” And other say “ His beats will excite your body and his melodies will illuminate your mind ” In 2017 Pascal moved to South-East Asia and play in many countries such as Thailand, Indonesia,Malaysia, Japan, and Vietnam in many different places and locations in each country. Pascal B. receive a lot of quality music from labels around the world 3-6 months before releases to the market. **Now, Pascal B. Based in Koh Phangan Suratthani Thailand. To listen to his set : Bio and event he have perform

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Popular requests for Trat DJs

  1. Top 40

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Other great DJs in Trat

  1. Dj jocker is a professional DJ from Bangkok. I like to play r&b, hip hop, disco, house, techno, lounge, remixes, top 40, local, 80's, 90's, 00's, reggae, rock, and can be booked starting from $20.00...

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  2. Musician, producer, DJ, pianist, promoter, and electronic music enthusiast alike, David Michael hails out of Dayton, Ohio. When not performing, he spends his time in the studio creating his own music… aided by over a decade of piano lessons and an upbringing in a very musically-influenced home. Having spent many years playing at all of the major local night clubs (alongside local hard-hitters and national acts alike), holding multiple residencies, DJing special events and promoting his own shows, David has had a lot of time to develop his sound. For him, it’s all about mood and a deep, hypnotic groove… playing those tracks that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realizing it, regardless of genre, tempo, style, or release date. Don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself dancing.

    Book Dj VannZ

  3. What's up y'all, I'm bank heist. I've been a DJ for a few years now, starting at my fraternity back in the US and playing at gigs ranging from bar/club events and even boat/formal events. I like to play a good mixture of 2000s throwbacks, hip hop, r&b and top 40 for my party mixes. I can also create lounge mixes for a much chiller bar vibe, and can be booked starting from $15 USD an hour or 500 THB an hour. Shoot me a message and I can show you some of my stuff!

    Book bank heist

  4. DJ CHA CHA is a professional DJ from Phnom Penh. They like to play remixes, top 40, lounge, house, disco, hip hop, r&b, 90's, 00's, local, and can be booked starting from USD100.00...

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  5. Edo SB™️ ??

    Book Mr.Edo

  6. Majed MJ is a semiprofessional DJ from Bangkok. They like to play 90's, disco, tech house, house, techno, and can be booked starting from $12...

    Book Majed MJ

  7. Inge Lemon / Lemon & Einar K is a expert DJ from Hua Hin. Been a DJ since he got his first mixer when he was 12. Been on tour with Tiesto seceral times as a warm up DJ. Allthough most known for his trance releases on Armada Music he likes to play 80's, 90's, 00's, r&b, disco, techno, house, lounge, top 40, remixes, and can be booked starting from $150.00. Over 35 years of experience as a DJ. No matter the occation you can’t go wrong with Inge Lemon

    Book Inge Lemon / Lemon & Einar K

  8. Hello, i am a house and techno artist that can be versatile to my surroundings and focus on being professional and strong in what i do. I love lounge environments with class, clubs and high-energy locations.

    Book DANE

All about booking a DJ in Trat

What's the average price of a DJ in Trat?

When booking a DJ in Trat, it is important to be aware of what is included in the price. Generally, the price includes equipment rental, setup and teardown, and the DJ's time. However, other services such as lighting or sound reinforcement may be an additional cost. The average price for a DJ in Trat is around $100 per hour.

How do i book a DJ in Trat?

It's easy to book a DJ in Trat with Cueup. Just search for DJs in your area, and send them a message to get started. Most DJs show prices up front and you can book and pay them directly from Cueup. If you don't see a DJ that suits your needs, you can always post your event and we'll help you find a DJ in Trat that matches your needs.

What is Cueup's money-back guarantee when booking a DJ?

Cueup offers a money-back guarantee on all bookings made through the platform. If you are unhappy with your DJ for any reason, we will work with you to find a replacement DJ or refund your money.

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