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Top-rated DJs in Eisenstadt

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  1. Hello, I'm Henrik Vill currently living very close to Vienna. I'm an experienced DJ with vast knowledge about music and how to set up the perfect mix for your party or event. I love to make sure everyone is having a great time and enjoying the music they came for. I play with vinyl and CDJs. So if you want a more retro/analogic feeling to your party I'm right here to accommodate your needs. The price for vinyl mixing is a bit more expensive due to the logic and transportation of equipment. If your party doesn't have a P.A. I can arrange it as well for an extra cost. I'm very versatile and ready to get your party started with good taste and a good mood.

    Book Henrik Vill

  2. DJ MoBama is a semiprofessional DJ from Vienna. I like to play disco, techno, house, 80's, 90's, 00's, lounge, remixes, and can be booked starting from €150.00...

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  3. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst und profitieren Sie von Mehr als 150 Hochzeiten und 5 Jahren Erfahrung. Mit euren Wünschen und meiner musikalischen Erfahrung wird eure Hochzeitsfeier in bester Erinnerung bleiben. Ich bin mir sicher: Am Ende des Abends wirst du auf eine rundum gelungene Feier zurückblicken! Qualität und Top Einsatz Viel Spaß und Freude Volle Tanzfläche

    Book DJ Aladdin

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Other great DJs in Eisenstadt

  1. Mental Blue is a professional DJ from Zagreb. I like to play 90's, techno, house, remixes, disco, lounge, 00's, 80's, and can be booked starting from €250.00...

    Book Mental Blue

  2. Tom Cannier is a DJ from Zagreb, music lover before all, who likes to play good techno (melodic, tribal, classic, hard, minimal, deep, hypnotic...), disco, house (soulful, funky, deep, afro, ethnic, organic...), tech house, various remixes, sometimes even reggae or DnB... But there is great music in almost every genre so Tom plays a lot more and can be booked starting from €100.00...

    Book Tom Cannier

  3. Lukas is a professional DJ from Austria They like to play house, and can be booked starting from $100.00...

    Book Lukas

  4. Robert Königshofer, artist name Roby Koenigs. I am a music producer and a DJ from Zagreb, Croatia. Making music since 2015. In 2017 got my first record deal with Speedsound Records, following with record deals in 2018 with MF Records and Plasmapool. I don't have any record deals at the moment, releasing my new music without a label. In 2016 I finished the Croatian DJ Academy and in 2020 I finished MPA (Music Production Academy) here in Zagreb. I played some local gigs here in Zagreb, Croatia and would love to go abroad to showcase my music.

    Book Roby Koenigs

  5. Neglectic is a new DJ based in Vienna. He stands out by bringing the newest and freshest organic and afro house to the dancefloor.

    Book Neglectic

  6. Professional Dj-ing, for party’s,clubs,weddings,events with a good and special taste of music. My mission is to entertain everyone , even if it is about an evening, or the most beautiful day of their life, or just want to “hit the floor” for one night and dance on the biggest hits from all time. Main style: House,Classic House,Melodic House,Bass House with a “special spice” of music selection. One Love, DORIKKA

    Book DjDorikka

  7. Damian Wilde is a rising EDM/Trap DJ from Cape Town, South Africa. He is currently based in Graz, Austria. He specializes in blending dark urban genres like EDM-Trap, Hip Hop, Future Bass and Dubstep, and can be booked starting from €250.00...

    Book Damian Wilde

  8. DJ J.Key is a semiprofessional DJ from Heiligenbrunn. They like to play disco, house, remixes, techno, and can be booked starting from EUR30.00...

    Book DJ J.Key

All about booking a DJ in Eisenstadt

What's the average price of a DJ in Eisenstadt?

When booking a DJ in Eisenstadt, it is important to be aware of what is included in the price. Generally, the price includes equipment rental, setup and teardown, and the DJ's time. However, other services such as lighting or sound reinforcement may be an additional cost. The average price for a DJ in Eisenstadt is around €85 per hour.

How do i book a DJ in Eisenstadt?

It's easy to book a DJ in Eisenstadt with Cueup. Just search for DJs in your area, and send them a message to get started. Most DJs show prices up front and you can book and pay them directly from Cueup. If you don't see a DJ that suits your needs, you can always post your event and we'll help you find a DJ in Eisenstadt that matches your needs.

What is Cueup's money-back guarantee when booking a DJ?

Cueup offers a money-back guarantee on all bookings made through the platform. If you are unhappy with your DJ for any reason, we will work with you to find a replacement DJ or refund your money.

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